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John L. Peters

  This section includes banners and art produced for the Internet directory (2002–2003). This collection contains around 640 separate images.
  These selections consist of newsletters and other materials produced for the Foothill Unity Center, a community foodbank located in Monrovia, CA (2001–2003).
  I was first introduced to monotype printmaking in 1997 by Julia Ayers through her book, Monotype: Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking (Watson-Guptill, 1991). Later, I participated in Monothon 1999, sponsored by the Riverside (California) Art Museum. Since then, my printmaking activities have deepened and diversified. They include monotype prints, chine collé, etchings, woodcuts and Japanese block prints.
  In 1993, after years of artistic inactivity, I returned to active art creation. At the time, I was a graduate student studying chemistry at the University of California, Riverside, and I used painting as a way to blow off steam. Initially, I started painting in watercolor. Later, I began to experiment with acrylics.

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Updated 14 September 2006