Graphic Design Categories
The Single Banner is a 360 x 71 pixel advertisement that is template-built and contains the company name in a variety of available typefaces, two lines of no more than 50 characters of text, and an art piece measuring 92 x 71 pixels. The art may be custom or generic, set either to the left or right of the ad, and the banner is built using web-safe colors only in a GIF file format.
The Double Banner is similar to the Single Banner, except in size and text volume. The Double Banner size is 360 x 105 pixels and is able to accommodate three lines of text, rather than the two lines for the Single Banner. The art piece measures 92 x 71 pixels and the banner employs only web-safe colors in a GIF file format.
The Trademark Banner is a completely custom version of the Double Banner, matching it in size and its use of web-safe colors. However, unlike the latter, the Trademark Banner is completely custom built, utilizing art submitted by the customer and employing any available typeface in any size and quantity of text. The Trademark Banner is saved in the GIF file format and must be less than 11 kilobytes in size.
The Look Here First and Trademark Look Here First ads are sold as packages with companion banners ads, as illustrated. The Look Here First tile is set at the top of the page, using art that matches or compliments the art of the banner ad so that it is easy to visually associate one with the other. The Look Here First tile is 120 x 90 pixels in size, built from web-safe colors in a GIF file format, and is always completely custom. The associated banner is either a standard Double Banner or a Trademark Banner, depending on the package purchased by the client.
The SMARTpage Information Page comes in two forms. The SPTC is a complimentary SMARTpage with text only and is included with every listing free of charge. The alternative is the SMARTpage with ART (SPA), a SMARTpage with text and an accompanying art piece. The art is completely custom produced, and may be either customer-submitted or taken from stock photography. As shown, the size of the art piece may range from 150 x 150 pixels to 250 x 250 pixels, or alternatively my be sized at 425 x 100 pixels. The images may be in either the GIF or JPEG file format. The GIF images employ web-safe colors and may include transparency. Alternatively, the JPEG images are built with full 24-bit color, but cannot employ transparency and are limited to an 18 kilobyte file size (15 k preferred). Two variations of the SMARTpage information page are the SMARTpage Products page (SPP), which is a standard SPA with up to four included images, and the SMARTpage Services page (SPS), which has two images.
  This page presents a number of examples of customer-submitted art. A second page gives three before-and-after views of SPA images based on art submitted by clients.    
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