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Summer, 2001
  This was the first newsletter that I prepared for the Foothill Unity Center in Monrovia, California. The basic design of the publication had been determined several years previously and I was expected to not make any significant changes. Basically, the Center's administrator wanted to see if I was actually up to the task. This newsletter was laid out using QuarkXPress 4.1 on a Windows platform. The photographic images were prepared using Photoshop 5.5, and the logos and other drawings were converted to scalable vector graphics using Illustrator 9.0. All of the photography was provided to me by the Center (except for the columnist photos on pages two and seven).

Winter, 2002
  My second newsletter edition for the Foothill Unity Center. Because they were so satisfied with the results of the last newsletter, I was given a good deal of lattitude in the preparation of this issue. The content of page 6 was a reproduction of the flier for the Hoop Challenge, a version of which appears in the next item in this summary. The layout was QuarkXPress 4.1, the photographs were Photoshop 6.0, and the drawings were Freehand 10.

March, 2002

  The Hoop Challenge was the major fund-raising event for the Foothill Unity Center, pitting television news personalities against eight teams of community members playing for five-minute periods each. The designs of the Hoop Challenge logo and flier were products of the Pasadena Star-News, but their layout had to be reworked, as they had neglected to color corrected the photographs and left off one sponsor logo. The image shown here is the program cover for the event, which was laid out using QuarkXPress 4.1, Photoshop 6.0 and Freehand 10. It was very well received.

Summer, 2002
  This was my third issue of the Neighborhood News. When I took on this project, I was informed that this newsletter would be published four times per year, but it actually made it into print only twice a year. During 2002, there was one additional issue, intended to be published in May, which was half completed, followed by a couple weeks of waiting for additional materials, then was finally abandoned by the Center. There were several recurring problems with this issue. First, all of the photographs (except the columnist photo on page 2) were provided by the Center. Most were digital photos and were taken with the camera set on the smallest dimensions and the highest JPEG compression. This made then very grainy and able to be enlarged only to a very limited extent. Second, the profile photo on page three and the columnist photo on page 7 were taken in landscape orientation and in such a way that they could not be converted to portrait orientation. There were several other photographic issues. Another problem was that some small text boxes had way too much text and other articles had too little text to fill the available space. This problem was corrected at a later time.

Winter, 2003
  This was my last issue of this newsletter, prepared using QuarkXPress 4.1, Photoshop 7.0 and Freehand 10. There was to be another issue in July or August, 2003, for which I had taken some photographs, but the Center did not get back to me before my move to Chicago in December and another issue has not yet been published. I will continue to make myself available to the Foothill Unity Center for future issues of this newsletter, but they may not want to carry out this process over such a long distance.

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